Exploring the Subtle Improvements of Android 14: Insights from Google I/O 2023

As expected, Google had an unveiling of its latest iteration of the smartphone and tablet operating system at Google I/O.While Android 14 took a backseat to the excitement surrounding AI advancements and the introduction of the company’s first folding phone, we have now gained additional insights from the developer sessions conducted by Google.Exploring the Subtle Improvements of Android 14: Insights from Google I/O 2023

It’s important to manage expectations as the changes in Android 14 are more on the subtle side. Nevertheless, there are several enhancements in store with Google’s “Upside Down Cake” update that

could bring a slight but enjoyable improvement to your daily life when it arrives in the fall.

Exploring Alternate Security Measures Android

Passkeys have already made their debut, although their availability is not yet widespread.

With Android 14, third-party applications will gain the capability to utilize your Android phone and

fingerprint as the sole means of authentication, enabling seamless sign-ups and access.

Android 14 introduces a new Credential Manager that guides users through the necessary steps,

facilitating the management of multiple passkeys and passwords for each application.

This feature streamlines the process of securely storing and accessing credentials within the operating system.

While the adoption of passkeys by apps may take some time, password managers and sign-on services

are expected to integrate them more rapidly.

Google has confirmed that popular platforms like 1Password, Dashlane, Keeper, and Okta will be available at the launch of Android 14, offering users the convenience and added security of passkey integration.

Putting an End to Unscrupulous Data Brokers

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant surprise of discovering that an app you trusted has sold your data to advertisers, data brokers, or other entities without your knowledge?

With Android 14, your phone will proactively notify you on a monthly basis if any of your installed apps have altered their data-sharing practices.

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