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Bloktopia The Most Famous Skyscraper in The Metaverse World

Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper in the Metaverse that is comprised of 21 levels, designed to pay homage to the 21 million total maximum supply of Bitcoin.

A startup project that caught the eye in the metaverse world, after the success of the most prominent metaverse projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox.

Which showed the status of Metaverse in the world of crypto, and the values that it can offer to society,

The Bloktopia project has come to capture the attention of the cryptocurrency community.

Many see it as an important media and entertainment center in the world of Metaverse.

In addition to its competition and strong presence in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality.

If you’ve never heard of it, it would be interesting to know! about the upcoming future.

What is the Bloktopia metaverse project?

What is the Bloktopia ?
A virtual skyscraper, intended to be a hub for all crypto users.

Bloktopia is an emerging Metaverse project, based on the Polygon blockchain network.

Developed with the aim of being an educational and entertainment hub for all crypto users,of all levels of knowledge and experience, compiled in one place.

So the Bloktopia metaverse platform was designed as a decentralized virtual reality skyscraper, with only 21 floors,

And this number was not in vain, in fact, Rather, it is a reference to the total capacity of Bitcoin, which is 21 million Bitcoins.

The inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is apparently highly regarded by the blockchain community.

The Future of Blok topia in the world of Metaverse

Despite his youth, the Bloktopia project has managed to draw attention to him.

Where virtual and augmented reality technologies, along with blockchain and crypto , unite .

This is to create a decentralized environment for future entrepreneurs, investors, gamers and developers.

In addition, the Bloktopia economy is based on a specific NFT mechanism that allows users to own and develop virtual real estate.

In addition to advertisements and featured events that create opportunities to gain visitors.

We can liken Bloktopia’s Metaverse to a huge mall with many stores.

In addition to the facilities and arenas where events are held by NFT projects, cryptocurrency trading platforms , influencers and brands,

Metaverse Bloktopia is not limited to education only, but extends to the areas of entertainment, games, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

How does It work?

How does Bloktopia Metaverse work?
Users can buy and sell NFTs, purchase digital ad venues, own real estate, and more in the Bloktopia virtual reality.

The Bloktopia Project was founded by Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll.

Like any other Metaverse project, Bloktopia provides its users with a vast virtual environment in which they can interact.

For education, investment, work, play and creativity in general,

Bloktopia users can learn the basics of cryptocurrency, play with friends, earn profits, and build a wide network of acquaintances.

In order to access the world of Bloktopia’s Metaverse:

  • The user will need to create their own virtual images, to be displayed on the 21st floor of the Bloktopia skyscraper.
  • After creating the virtual image, the user is given access to the first floor, where users are introduced to the BLOK digital project currency, how to contact support, how to use the navigation area and help desk, and see the event calendar and a glimpse of each.
  • Users can also participate in the events held there, through the registration desk.

many renewable opportunities in Bloktopia

In general, the first floor provides an overview of the latest news in the metaverse,

Where influencers can use it for ads. (Blukotopia provides an ad list called Totems, which contains 21 large ads and 84 small ads.)

As for the sixth floor, it is a showroom where interactive shows are held.

Video presentations and talks by influencers and Blocktopia founders,

Users are rewarded for attending some of these events.

There is also another interesting space, which is the shed and the games section,

Designed to keep Bloktopia users entertained and profitable, they can play poker or some multiplayer games of chance.

In addition to having fun, one of the benefits of playing it is the chance to win original Bloktopia metaverse tokens.

Besides all of this, there are notable uses of Bloktopia such as education and spreading awareness about the world of crypto, virtual events and gatherings,

Bloktopia also provides its users with many automatic income opportunities such as staking, In addition to betting.

One of the monetization opportunities is the option to purchase real estate blocks in the form of NFTs,

which can later be rented out to advertising parties or used to host Bloktopian events.

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