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“Jack Dorsey’s Crypto Company Teams Up with Ray Youssef from Paxful for P2P Marketplace Venture”

TBD, the cryptocurrency company Crypto founded by Jack Dorsey, has collaborated with Ray Youssef Crypto

the co-founder of Paxful, to introduce a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The introduction of Civ Kit follows closely after the closure of Youssef’s

P2P Bitcoin platform, Paxful, which was widely used in nations like Nigeria and Kenya.

During a recent episode of The Scoop, a weekly interview podcast by crypto media outlet

The Block, Youssef stated that Civ Kit plans to establish a network of decentralized,

company founded by Jack Dorsey, has collaborated with Ray Youssef non-custodial Bitcoin marketplaces that could potentially serve thousands of users.

Youssef asserted that Civ Kit would pave the way for numerous plug-and-play P2P marketplaces globally,

with the decentralized identity technology created by Jack Dorsey’s company TBD playing a crucial role in the initiative. crypto

“Paxful Ceases Operations Due to Internal Conflicts Crypto “

Established in 2015, Paxful facilitated peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency transactions whereby

users traded Bitcoin for various forms of currency such as cash, gift cards, and mobile money through the platform. crypto

In the beginning of April, Paxful declared that it would temporarily halt its operations due to internal crypto

disputes between Youssef and Artur Schaback, Paxful’s co-founder.

To be more precise, Artur Schaback accused Youssef of denying him access to the operation, concealing crucial information regarding the platform’s business transactions, and performing deceitful money transfers.

Paxful has urged its users to transfer their funds to non-custodial wallets or alternative platforms such as the recently launched Noones P2P Bitcoin marketplace.

Noones provides comparable services to Paxful, such as wallets, listing services, marketplaces, and escrow, and is expected to add Lightning Network functionality within a few weeks.

Youssef stated that Civ Kit aims to go beyond the capabilities of Noones and Paxful, by allowing individuals to create a decentralized Bitcoin-based marketplace on top of its ecosystem.

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