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Viral Craze Surrounding Meme Coin ‘Speedrun’ Raises Scam Concerns.

Meme This is the essence of a video posted by digital artist Johnny Shankman, also known as @iamwhitelights on Twitter.

Using just a few swift clicks of the cursor and some rapid typing, Shankman was able

to write and execute a smart contract for a token named EASY_MONEY.

Meme The whole process lasted for only 27 seconds, marking what may be the world’s first-ever meme coin speedrun.

Speedrunning has been a part of the gaming community for several decades, dating back to retro classics

such as Dragster and Super Mario Kart, where players attempt to finish games as quickly as possible. However, Shankman’s video takes this time-honored method of mastering video games and applies it to Web3 technology. Meme

Viral Craze Surrounding Meme Coin ‘Speedrun’ Raises Scam Concerns.

The artist’s demonstration of nimbleness arrives amidst a craze surrounding meme coins, in which tokens

like Pepe and Wojak are achieving remarkable gains.

Shankman’s approach to producing EASY_MONEY involves using a tool called Contracts Wizard, designed by the crypto cybersecurity company Meme .

This tool can generate code for an ERC-20 token based on just a few inputs.

Despite the popularity of Shankman’s video, the artist cautioned that it was made “for educational purposes only,” and his EASY_MONEY token was only “deployed on [a] testnet,” indicating it wasn’t a full launch.

It appears that a Twitter user named @0xdiid has managed to improve on Shankman’s meme coin speedrun. Meme

According to their post, they were able to shave off a few seconds, bringing the unofficial world record

down to 22.45 seconds.

While meme coins may have the potential for massive returns, they

can also be leveraged by bad actors to take advantage of FOMO, making them far from just a joke.

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