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Microsoft VALL-E raised 10 millions $ in ICO and now launches VALL-E artificial intelligence pre-sale. to raise another 10 million $

When we talk about artificial intelligence, we are talking about the technological revolution that will change our lives forever. Here, we are talking in particular about the technology giants who have all the necessary resources to bring about this revolution.

Yes, it is Microsoft, the largest software company in the world, which decided not long ago to enter this field strongly.

In the beginning, the investment was in the open ai project, and now through its own project vall-e, which the Microsoft team specializing in artificial intelligence is working on.

VALL-E project is text-to-speech in a nutshell. But not in the way we know it, but in a way that simulates the real human voice.

Here we mean emotions and emotions. We are not in front of an ordinary program that converts text into sound. But in front of an amazing invention that will inject life into the written text. So, for example, you can make Jessica Alba flirt with you with the finest words of love.

Or have Michael Jackson sing the lyrics to a song you wrote as if he were sitting next to you.

I will not dwell on the genius of this invention called vall-e, as we may devote special article to it later.

But we will now talk about the launch of the Microsoft cryptocurrency of the vall-e project on the official website

Which witnessed a significant increase in the rate of visits recently, according to the global similarweb site ranking

After the ICO phase, during which Microsoft raised $10 million for the vall-e project, the project’s currency was put up for public pre-sale. The goal is to raise another $10 million by offering its vall-e token for sale.

We mention here that the vall-e coin was created on the Ethereum mainnet. Its total amount is 1 billion tokens, its symbol is vall-e and the number of decimal places is 12

Here you will find the link to the vall-e token smart contract.

The public pre-sale is 100 million tokens. At approximately 10 cents per vall-e token

It is expected that the pre-sale will be filled easily. Given Microsoft’s prestigious position and the approaching launch of its project vall-e.

And when Jack Murphy, an expert in cryptocurrencies and risk management at Swiss Bank, asked about the project, he said:

 “The launch of Microsoft’s vall-e project is strong evidence of changing the traditional view of giant companies, which are usually conservative towards cryptocurrencies.

We are watching with interest the increasing interest of global companies in cryptocurrencies, and this is a positive indication that the world is moving to adopt the blockchain in its dealings, and this in turn will enhance the strength of Web3 in the world and will push many other companies to invest in these areas.”

In a previous article, we talked about the most important digital currencies for 2023, which are likely to be listed on the Binance platform as soon as they are launched.

But without a doubt, vall-e will be the strongest this year. There is currently no information about the price of the currency when it is listed on the Binance platform.

But given the total sum of the currency and its price in the pre-sale stage; We expect it to be between 30 and 40 cents at the moment of listing.

This makes the pre-sale stage an important opportunity for high-risk opportunists. But in this particular case this opportunity is not considered high risk. As the party that supports and stands behind this project is Microsoft.

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