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Top 5 Trending Crypto Coins on Dextools Today: PLOUTOS, RFD, COPIUM, BEN, GEN

The meme coin market is currently experiencing a frenzy, characterized by the emergence of new coins

on a daily basis and investors eagerly joining in with the anticipation of rapid profits.

Presented here are the top five trending pairs on DEX Tools, a widely-used analytics tool for decentralized exchanges.

PloutΩs Coin (PLOUTΩS)

Following its remarkable debut on Monday, the PloutΩs Coin has experienced volatile trading in the past hour.

As of the latest trading data, PLOUTΩS is currently trading at around $0.000036, displaying a significant

decline compared to a recent peak of $0.00015.

Top 5 Trending Crypto Coins on Dextools Today: PLOUTOS, RFD, COPIUM, BEN, GEN

Refund Coin (RFD)

Since its initial launch on Uniswap at a price of $0.0000003643 merely four days ago, Refund Coin has

experienced a substantial surge and is currently being traded at approximately $0.00007, marking an

impressive increase of nearly 200 times its initial value.

Certainly, earlier in the day, when Refund Coin briefly exceeded $0.0001, investors who entered the

market at the Uniswap launch price would have witnessed an extraordinary return of over 300 times their initial investment.

According to information shared on Refund Coin’s official Twitter account, the token was launched by an

individual known as blurr.eth, who is a pseudonymous Ethereum wallet holder.

It is estimated that blurr.eth has a net worth of at least $100,000,000 and is recognized as an original

Ether whale, indicating significant holdings of Ethereum.

Top 5 Trending Crypto Coins on Dextools Today: PLOUTOS, RFD, COPIUM, BEN, GEN

Ben Coin (BEN)

Ben Coin, which recently came under the control of the controversial crypto influencer Ben Armstrong,

has shown a renewed surge in momentum as it strives to reach its previous all-time highs.

Investors who entered the market before Ben Armstrong endorsed and acquired the coin on May 8th,

when it was trading near $0.000000001, may now be enjoying significant gains of nearly 140 times their

initial investment. The token is currently being traded at around $0.000000137.

Generational Wealth (GEN)

After experiencing a substantial decline, with the token losing up to 94% of its value within a few days,

GEN has shown signs of regaining momentum on Tuesday.

its recent highs in the $0.00000007 range. However, it is worth noting that the token has seen a

substantial increase of around 35 times its initial Uniswap launch price of approximately $0.00000000017.

Top 5 Trending Crypto Coins on Dextools Today: PLOUTOS, RFD, COPIUM, BEN, GEN

Copium (COPIUM)

Over the weekend, Copium Token (COPIUM) experienced a significant rally driven by updates from the

project’s developer regarding a 30% token supply burn. This announcement generated substantial excitement and contributed to the token’s surge in value.

Alternative Meme Coins Worth Exploring

Instead of putting their money into meme coins that often lack long-term utility and value, investors may find it more beneficial to explore opportunities in crypto start-up presales. These presales offer a chance to invest in promising projects at an early stage, potentially providing greater long-term potential and value retention.

Investors participate in these presales by purchasing tokens of emerging crypto projects, contributing to the funding needed for their development. This approach allows investors to support innovative ventures from the early stages and potentially reap the rewards as these projects progress and gain traction in the market. It provides an opportunity to be part of the growth and success of promising crypto initiatives.

Presales indeed have a track record of offering tokens at relatively low prices, which can potentially lead to significant gains for early investors. If the project proves successful and gains popularity over time, the value of these tokens may increase substantially, generating substantial returns for early backers. However, it’s important to note that investing in presales carries risks, including the possibility of project failure or market volatility. Thorough research and careful consideration are essential before participating in any investment opportunity.

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