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Bitmart exchange review 2023

Cryptocurrency exchanges have become an essential part of the digital currency ecosystem. Among the many exchanges available, Bitmart has emerged as a popular choice for traders and investors.

In this review essay, we will provide an overview of Bitmart, assess its security and reliability, and discuss its performance and future prospects.

What is Bitmart exchange?

Bitmart was established in 2017 and has since grown to become a leading global digital asset trading platform.

The exchange offers a range of services such as spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading.

Bitmart also provides its users with a mobile app for convenient trading.

Compared to other exchanges, Bitmart boasts a user-friendly interface and low trading fees.

However, the exchange faces stiff competition from other established exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

  • BitMart is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides real-time trading services for various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.
  • It is a centralized exchange that offers numerous features for its clients, including staking, lending, savings products, derivative contracts, and expanded spot trading options.
  • BitMart also provides futures trading and margin trading that allow advanced crypto enthusiasts to use leverage.
  • It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface, a comprehensive knowledge base, a secure wallet, a well-designed mobile app, and an NFT marketplace.
  • BitMart is accessible in over 180 countries worldwide, including the U.S., the U.K., South Korea, and most European countries.

However, it is worth noting that BitMart’s hybrid hot and cold wallet system has enabled hackers to steal almost $200 million in assets belonging to BitMart customers.

Despite this, BitMart is still considered one of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges out there, with over two million customers.

Review 2023

BitMart is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade over 170 different cryptocurrencies in various trading pairs.

  • It offers a flat fee model of 0.25% for both market makers and takers, which is quite decent.
  • BitMart is a global crypto exchange that both beginners and experienced traders can use to buy and sell an exceptionally long list of digital assets.
  • BitMart has evolved a lot since its inception and has been giving its counterparts a run for their money with its user-friendly crypto trading interface and competitive fee structure.
  • BitMart is a simple, secure, and advanced cryptocurrency exchange designed for institutional and individual users.
  • It offers a massive variety of 1000+ cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • BitMart has served more than nine million users from all over the world.
  • BitMart offers one of the largest cryptocurrency selections and competitive trading fees.
  • It’s great for more experienced investors with plenty of advanced features, including margin and futures trading.

However, BitMart was hacked in December 2021, and $196M worth of crypto was stolen.

BitMart’s Trustpilot rating is 3.9 stars out of five from over 2,400 reviewers.

Nonetheless, poor support, lack of transparency, and security concerns have been reported.

What are the pros and cons of using BitMart exchange for trading cryptocurrencies


  • BitMart supports a plethora of cryptocurrencies in the market, with over 1000+ cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • The trading fee and other remuneration are reasonable, with a flat fee model of 0.25% for both market makers and takers.
  • BitMart uses understandable and straightforward terms in their exchange, which is very helpful for beginners and experienced traders who have just stepped into the world of trading and cryptocurrency.
  • BitMart offers a Spot market feature that allows users to pair over 90 popular cryptocurrencies against BTC, ETH, USDT, and BMX tokens.
  • BitMart is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that offers better services than others.


  • BitMart is relatively new.
  • It is not as well-known as some of its competitors.
  • BitMart was hacked in December 2021, and $196M worth of crypto was stolen.
  • Poor support, lack of transparency, and security concerns have been reported.
  • There are still many cryptocurrencies left to be listed.

Overall, BitMart is a good cryptocurrency exchange for both beginners and experienced traders.

It offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, reasonable fees, and a user-friendly interface.

However, it is relatively new, and there are some concerns about its security and support.

It is essential to do your own research before investing your money in any cryptocurrency exchange.

Are there any recent developments or updates regarding BitMart’s platform or services

there are recent developments and updates regarding BitMart’s platform and services.

  • BitMart released its 2022 “Annual Year in Review” report, marking milestone achievements amid a bearish market.
  • Despite the industry experiencing a pullback, BitMart experienced a 23% growth in new users in 2022, and it expanded its products, offerings, and services.
  • BitMart has also expanded in Hong Kong with a new crypto trading platform, which aims to provide retail and institutional clients with a broader range of trading possibilities.
  • BitMart has maintained a substantial presence and provided trading services to users in Hong Kong since 2018, and it will continue its operation under the transitional arrangement while getting ready to embrace the robust regulatory regime by submitting the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license application to SFC.
  • BitMart has also listed new cryptocurrencies, such as HGPT, on its platform.

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