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Solana’s crypto smart phone is searching for niche in crowded field

Solana’s crypto smart phone, the Saga, is carving out a niche in the mobile phone industry.

While most layer-one projects are targeting developers in the market for non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance, Solana is focusing on mobile users.

In short :

  • The Solana Saga phone is designed to integrate the Web3 experience onto mobile devices seamlessly.
  • It supports applications built with Solana’s native programming language, Rust.
  • The Saga is searching for a niche in a crowded field, and it remains to be seen whether it will be successful.
  • Some users have reported using the Saga for tasks such as sending and receiving cryptocurrency, accessing decentralized applications, and managing digital assets.
  • Solana’s goal is to provide a seamless experience for users who want to interact with the blockchain on their mobile devices.
  • The Saga is available for purchase, and users can invest in Solana’s cryptocurrency, SOL, through Robinhood.

What are the features of Solana’s Saga phone

Solana’s Saga phone is a mobile device technology developed by the Solana Foundation that offers an integrated and comprehensive mobile stack built on robust and secure hardware to provide users with unparalleled convenience and performance.

The Saga phone is designed to provide a seamless experience for users who want to interact with the blockchain on their mobile devices.

  • The phone boasts a 6.67-inch OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • It has 12 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, and the latest flagship Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform.
  • The Saga phone has a fingerprint scanner that provides seamless transaction signing.
  • It also has a Seed Vault that provides secure storage for private keys.
  • The Saga phone has a Solana dApp Store that provides convenient access to popular dApps.
  • It also has a Saga Pass that offers exclusive NFTs and perks for early adopters.
  • The Saga phone has two interchangeable rear camera lenses.

The Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) is an open-source developer toolkit to create mobile-first crypto applications on the Solana blockchain.

  • The SMS allows applications on other blockchains to send their code to Solana Labs to get it audited and integrated.

Solana Mobile Stack

The Saga device is part of Solana’s broader ambitions in mobile, which also include the Solana Mobile Stack.

Chris Osborn, co-founder of secure message application Dialect, is a user of both.

The openness of Saga removes some of the barriers of building out apps that exist in Apple and Google environments.

« We are already facing challenges getting these experiences approved in the major app stores, and we’ve only barely started » he said, referring to new features for Dialect.

« Saga will continue to be the platform on which we can design and ship experiences that are unconstrained by app store restrictions, and that are best for the user.»

Chris Osborn

In a sense, Saga’s fate is tied to these developers and the robustness of its app store.

« The challenge is on Saga, and on web3 developers generally, to build the first wave of these killer web3 apps » Osborn said.

In Vogel’s view, Saga carves out a third path for developers “to iterate and capture more value.”

«For iOS and Android, the in-app purchases are 15% – 30% while for Saga it’s 0%» Vogel said.

Still, Solana is focused on Saga — not on the competition coming from behemoths like Samsung and Apple.

«Our goal is not to compete directly with Apple and Samsung, but to prove what is possible for a great web3 experience on mobile»

Solana Labs’ Hollyer said.

« We want to push the entire space forward by creating and curating unique experiences that are mobile-first and will feel native to a web3 audience ».

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