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Kenya suspends Worldcoin’s crypto project over safety concerns

The Kenyan government has suspended Worldcoin’s crypto project in the country due to concerns over safety, privacy, and financial security.

The Ministry of the Interior has issued a decree suspending Worldcoin enrollment in the country and will investigate the authenticity of the project.

Worldcoin claims to have measures safeguarding privacy, but the Kenyan authorities are still concerned.

The project uses iris-scanning technology to verify identities, and it has over 2 million sign-ups worldwide.

However, the Kenyan government has decided to suspend the project’s operations in the country until further notice.

What was the reason given by Kenya’s Ministry of the Interior for suspending Worldcoin’s operations

The reason given by Kenya’s Ministry of the Interior for suspending Worldcoin‘s operations is primarily due to concerns over financial security, privacy, and safety.

The ministry has not provided specific details regarding the suspension.

However, it is believed to be a precautionary measure taken to ensure public safety.

  • The Kenyan government has expressed concerns about the project’s data privacy practices and its potential impact on the financial security of individuals.
  • The ministry has also mentioned that the suspension will remain in place until relevant agencies can address the concerns raised.

It is worth noting that Kenya is the first country to fully suspend Worldcoin operations, while data protection offices in Europe have initiated investigations.

what is Worldcoin’s iris-scanning project

Worldcoin’s iris-scanning project is a crypto project that uses iris biometrics to verify humanness and uniqueness.

  • The project uses an orb that scans the iris of a person to verify that they are a real human, and then creates a World ID for them.
  • The project aims to reinvent digital identity without compromising a person’s real-world identity.

Worldcoin’s iris-scanning technology, known as the Orb,

works by scanning a person’s iris to verify their uniqueness and humanness.

Here is how the technology works :

  • Device: Worldcoin has developed a device called the Orb, which is used to scan the iris of a person.
  • Iris Scan: The Orb scans the iris of an individual, capturing the unique patterns and characteristics of the iris.
  • Hashing: The scan is then converted into a string of numbers known as a hash.
  • This process ensures that even if the hash is compromised, the original scanned image cannot be recreated.
  • World ID: If the person being scanned has not signed up before, the iris hash and a hash of the user’s public key are sent to Worldcoin servers.
  • The company adds these hashes to their database and blockchain, assigning the individual a “World ID” that can be used as a global digital passport.
  • Unique Digital Identifier: The iris scan is used to create a unique digital identifier for the user, ensuring that they can only sign up once and preventing duplicate accounts.

It is important to note that the Kenyan government has suspended Worldcoin’s operations in the country due to concerns over safety, privacy, and financial security.

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