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Tether CTO remains tight-lipped about Bitcoin mining whereabouts.

Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Tether, faced inquiries regarding images of industrial containers circulating online.

However, he declined to address questions regarding Tether’s Bitcoin mining locations.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on August 26, Ardoino provided some clarification on the curiosity surrounding a photo he shared on August 24.

The image featured a container with a Tether Energy logo that had been photoshopped,

generating speculation and leaving people wondering about its significance.

In response to speculation surrounding an image he shared, Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Tether,

provided clarification on the photo.

He revealed that the picture depicted a control room at a Bitcoin mining facility owned by Tether,

which is nearing completion and will soon commence operations.

Despite numerous inquiries, Ardoino maintained his stance of not disclosing the specific location.

While he did mention that the mining site is situated somewhere within the continent of South America,

he refrained from providing further details due to security concerns.

“Where? In LATAM. We tend to not share exact locations to avoid personnel harassment, a valid concern given the amount of detractors obsessed with Tether,” he said.

“You can almost hear some of them screaming: ‘NOOOOOOOO if you don’t tell us the address, zip code, surname of the cow that is eating the grass nearby, then it’s not real!!!!!‘”

Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Tether, addressed skeptics who questioned the presence of a photoshopped logo on the containers, clarifying that it was a deliberate decision for media purposes.

“We thought that the photo would have been shared on newspapers so the team wanted to brand it,”

However, he expressed concerns about displaying logos at mining sites due to security considerations :

“Moreover, putting gigantic Tether logos would not be great from physical privacy of the site point of view.”, he said.

He expects operations to commence in September.

In recent news, Tether has been developing mining software called Moria with the aim of enhancing transparency in the Bitcoin mining industry.

In an interview on August 17, Ardoino explained that Moria would provide comprehensive data analytics on energy production at mining sites.

Ardoino emphasized the importance of improved analytics and performance evaluation in the field of Bitcoin mining.

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