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Government websites targeted by MetaMask scammers in a bid to deceive cryptocurrency investors.

Crypto scammers are exploiting MetaMask users by utilizing URLs of government-owned websites to deceive victims and gain access to their cryptocurrency wallet funds.

In recent incidents, scammers have been redirecting unsuspecting users to fraudulent websites imitating MetaMask,

where they request access to the users’ MetaMask wallets.

Notably, government websites from various countries including India, Nigeria, Egypt, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam,

and others have been identified as redirecting users to these fake MetaMask websites.

This concerning trend has been observed recently.

MetaMask scammers use government websites to steal from crypto users.

The MetaMask security team has highlighted the immense growth potential of the Web3 ecosystem,

which unfortunately also attracts scammers and thieves.

When users click on the fraudulent links embedded in government website URLs,

they are redirected to counterfeit URLs instead of the authentic “” URL.

Microsoft Defender, the built-in security feature of Microsoft,

promptly alerts users about the potential phishing attempt when they access these fake websites.

Microsoft’s warning against the MetaMask phishing websites.

If users ignore the warning, they encounter a website that closely resembles the official MetaMask website.

These counterfeit websites eventually prompt users to connect their MetaMask wallets in order to access a range of services offered on the platform.

Comparison between the original and fake MetaMask websites.

The provided screenshot illustrates the striking resemblance between the genuine and counterfeit MetaMask websites,

which plays a significant role in deceiving unsuspecting investors.

When users connect their MetaMask wallets on these fraudulent websites,

scammers gain full control over the assets stored within those specific Meta Mask wallets.

This emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious when interacting with online platforms to safeguard one’s digital assets.

MetaMask’s Security Measures and Response to Recent Attacks on Crypto Investors

In light of the increasing attacks on cryptocurrency investors, Meta Mask urges potential victims to promptly report any suspected scams they encounter.

In the event of a compromised seed phrase,

Meta Mask advises users to cease using the compromised recovery phrase and generate a new one from an uncompromised device.

It is worth noting that Meta Mask does not collect Know Your Customer (KYC) information from its users,

providing an additional layer of privacy.

In April, Meta Mask refuted allegations of an exploit that allegedly resulted in the theft of over 5,000 Ether.

The wallet provider clarified that the reported claim of funds being hacked from Meta Mask was incorrect,

as the stolen ETH originated from various addresses across 11 different blockchains.

Ohm Shah, co-founder of Wallet Guard, stated that the Meta Mask team has been diligently conducting research but has yet to uncover a definitive explanation for the incident.

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