ChatGPT experiences third consecutive month of declining web traffic in August.

ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot, experienced a decline in global user traffic for the third consecutive month in August,

as reported by Similarweb, an analytics company.

In August, the combined desktop and mobile site traffic to OpenAI’s chatbot decreased by 3.2% to 1.43 billion,

following a previous drop of 10% two months earlier.

Additionally, the average time spent on the site decreased slightly from 8.7 minutes to 7 minutes in August.

However, there was a positive trend in visits from users based in the United States,

with a 0.4% increase in August.

Unique visitors, which had declined in June and July, rose by 3% in the U.S. and 0.3% worldwide in August.

David F. Carr, the senior insights manager at Similarweb who authored the report,

suggested that the fluctuations in user numbers could be attributed to students taking summer breaks and subsequently returning to classes.

“Students seeking homework help appears to be part of the story: the percentage of younger users of the website dropped over the summer and is now starting to bounce back.”

The decline in ChatGPT’s user base during the summer months, particularly among the 18-24 age group,

provides support for this theory.

This trend is observed both in the United States and globally.

Declining Traffic to ChatGPT among 18-24 Age Group in the United States: Insights and Survey Results

In the United States, data reveals a significant decline in traffic to ChatGPT among the 18-24 age group,

with a 10% drop in May, a 15% drop in June, and an additional 4% drop in July.

In April, this age group constituted 30% of the total audience share in the country.

ChatGPT users in the 18–24 age bracket in the United States.
ChatGPT users in the 18–24 age bracket worldwide.

A recent survey conducted by in May 2023 examined the usage of ChatGPT among 1,223 undergraduate and graduate students in the U.S. The findings indicate that 30% of the respondents reported using ChatGPT for academic purposes during the school year.

Among them, 46% stated they frequently used the chatbot for homework,

and 1 in 8 students claimed to have experienced an increase in their GPA as a result of their usage of the AI tool.

While there are currently no comprehensive regulations regarding AI usage in U.S. universities,

the Ministry of Education in Japan has expressed intentions to permit limited usage of generative AI tools in elementary, junior high, and high schools.

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