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Ethereum introduces ‘Holešky’ testnet with 1.6B ETH for developers.

On September 15, Ethereum developers unveiled a new testnet named “Holešky.”

This testnet is specifically designed for activities such as staking, infrastructure development, and protocol enhancements,

as stated in the developer documents.

It is important to note that Sepolia will continue to serve as the primary network for application development.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko has revealed that upon the launch of the Holešky testnet,

an initial supply of 1.6 billion Holešky testnet Ether (HETH) will be allocated to validators.

This allocation is intended to kickstart the network’s operations and is 10 times the amount of Ether found on the mainnet.

Beiko explained that developers were confident in providing this substantial supply as “devnets regularly use a 10B supply.”

This decision highlights the developers’ commitment to facilitating robust testing and development on the Holešky testnet.

Ethereum Introduces Holešky Testnet to Address Testing Challenges and Facilitate Development Advancements

The Ethereum development community has relied on the Goerli testnet for testing new staking,

infrastructure, and protocol advancements.

Launched in 2018, Goerli is the oldest operational Ethereum testnet.

However, in October, protocol developers expressed concerns about the insufficient supply of Goerli ETH for comprehensive testing purposes.

To address this issue, developers expect that the introduction of the Holešky testnet,

which has a substantial initial supply of HETH, will provide a solution.

Since the launch of Sepolia in 2021, the Ethereum team has been encouraging application developers to transition from Goerli to Sepolia,

leaving only protocol developers on the older network prior to Holešky’s release.

The team has planned to deprecate Goerli in January 2024.

After deprecation, the Ethereum team will maintain Goerli for an additional year before proceeding with its complete shutdown.

as outlined in its documentation.

Ethereum developers anticipate that Holešky will experience significant usage as they pursue an ambitious roadmap.

They aim to implement features such as proto-danksharding, danksharding, and Verkle trees,

Ethereum developers anticipate that these features will reduce fees and lower node running costs.

Developers will test each of these features on a testnet like Holešky before deploying them on the mainnet.

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