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Ledn, a Bitcoin lender, plans to introduce interest accounts for ETH and USDT.

Ledn, a lending platform with a background in Bitcoin lending, has responded to user demands by launching an Ether yield offering.

This development comes after users expressed their desire for a secure alternative to manually staking Ether.

Ledn has expanded its Growth Accounts products to include an option for users to earn interest on their Bitcoin, USD Coin, and now Ethereum deposits.

The announcement acknowledges the growing demand for earning interest from ETH holdings without the complexities of manual staking and management through liquid staking pools.

Ledn emphasizes that its Growth Accounts are specifically designed to be separate from the company’s other products and services.

This separation ensures that deposited ETH is only exposed to the counterparty responsible for generating yields from the staked amount.

Consequently, user deposits will remain safeguarded even in the event of Ledn encountering financial challenges.

Ledn’s new Ether yield offering becomes even more significant in light of recent failures among prominent cryptocurrency lending firms like Celsius, Voyager, and Three Arrows Capital. These incidents highlight the risks associated with questionable lending practices.

Ledn’s shielded alternative to manual staking addresses these concerns, providing users with a secure and reliable option for earning interest on Ethereum.

By expanding their Growth Accounts to include ETH, Ledn aims to establish itself as a trusted platform in the lending industry.

Ledn Expands Offerings with Ether and Tether Accounts, Partners with Parallel for Real Estate Investment

Ledn, a Bitcoin lender

Ledn has responded to user demand by introducing an Ether offering, providing a favorable alternative to self-managing ETH staking.

Ledn’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, expressed confidence in the potential of the Ether offering, which has been a frequent request from Ledn users.

“This yield option is significantly easier to set up than native ETH staking. Looking forward, we’re working towards rolling out ETH support across the entire Ledn suite of products in the coming months.”

In addition, Ledn has announced the upcoming launch of a second stablecoin Growth Account, allowing users to deposit and earn interest on Tether tokens starting from October 12.

It’s important to note that these new offerings will not be available to users from the United States or Canada.

Ledn is following the trend of Bitcoin-first companies expanding their support for cryptocurrencies beyond BTC.

Casa, a noncustodial wallet platform that initially focused on Bitcoin, introduced multisignature ETH self-storage in June 2023.

Furthermore, Ledn announced a partnership with Parallel, a Cayman Islands real estate company, in August 2023.

This collaboration enables cryptocurrency users to invest in property as a means to eventually attain residency.

These recent developments highlight Ledn’s efforts to diversify its offerings and provide innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of cryptocurrency users.

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