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Five pain points that decentralized trading platforms need to solve

Five pain points that decentralized trading platforms need to solve are :

  1. Design
  2. speed
  3. security
  4. low costs
  5. liquidity

These points should be at the heart of everything a decentralized crypto trading platform offers, but some are better than others.

GAINS Network is a decentralized trading platform that aims to provide users with a seamless and user-friendly experience in the world of decentralized crypto trading.

It offers a range of features and capabilities designed to meet the needs of traders in the crypto, forex, and commodities markets.

One of the key highlights of GAINS Network is its trading platform called gTrade.

gTrade boasts more than 80 crypto, forex, and commodities pairs, allowing users to access a diverse range of trading options.

The platform offers a feature-rich interface that has been well-received by traders, as it provides a smooth and intuitive trading experience.

With gTrade, traders can complete their orders with a single click, making the trading process efficient and convenient.

The platform also integrates with Layer 2 solutions, enabling fast trading orders and minimizing gas fees.

This integration enhances the overall trading experience by reducing transaction costs and improving transaction speed.

One notable feature of gTrade is its leverage options.

It offers up to 150x leverage for crypto trading, 250x leverage for commodities trading, and 1,000x leverage for forex trading.

This high leverage allows traders to amplify their potential profits, but it’s important to note that trading with leverage also involves higher risks.

In addition to its existing features, gTrade introduced an upgrade to its protocol, specifically version 6.4, which introduced a feature called “lookbacks.”

Lookbacks allow the platform to retroactively review recent price data and ensure that all orders execute at the exact price set by the trader, even if an initial trigger was missed.

This feature provides protection against price volatility and blockchain latency, benefiting the platform’s user base of around 17,000 traders.

The developers behind GAINS Network emphasize their commitment to creating a robust and capital-efficient decentralized trading platform.

They believe that noncustodial trading is still in its early stages but shows promising demand across various market conditions.

They envision continuous growth and aim to cater to the evolving needs of traders in the decentralized trading space.

Looking ahead, GAINS Network plans to introduce additional features to further enhance decentralized crypto trading.

These include multi-collateral vaults, partial orders, and enabling interactions with smart contracts.

The protocol also aims to expand its reach to additional ecosystems, allowing more traders to access its user-friendly and feature-rich trading platform.

Overall, GAINS Network and its gTrade platform strive to provide a top-tier trading experience for traders in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, with a focus on usability, security, and capital efficiency.

More than 1 million trades have now been completed on the platform — a significant milestone — with total volumes surpassing $50 billion.

Source: Gains Network

Looking ahead, gTrade has many features in the pipeline designed to make decentralized crypto trading as seamless as possible.

Alongside multi-collateral vaults, partial orders and enabling interactions with smart contracts, the protocol aims to expand to additional ecosystems — allowing even more traders to benefit from its slick user experience.

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